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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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>supervisor cohen: welcome to te
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meeting of the joint city and district select. joining me is supervisor avalos. supervisor chu will be joining us later. and i have commissioner fewer and commissioner maufas from the schoo. all right. madame clerk, do we have any announcements? no announcements. can you please read item number one? >> the hearing of the san francisco unified school district summer school program. supervisor cohen: this is going to be a hearing. i am grateful for the members of the audience, i am looking forward to hearing what they
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have to tell us about the summer school program. who will be presenting first? >> this one? good afternoon, a supervisor chair cohen. i'm a director -- the director. we thought the city would present the city services first. i am here to start the conversation. i have other city partners at the table. we have the director of the san francisco rec and park department. we have the city librarian and a director of inter-agency planning. and of course, we have staff that is much more knowledgeable
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than i am. i will figure out how to do this. as we all know, summer school, summer needs, summer services are always great. particularly for this summer school, we are looking at public schools and in much earlier than before, perhaps a week or two earlier. the last day will be may 27. school will start again august 15. as a response to that, the city has gotten together and put together -- and one thing i want to call your attention to is on march 19, the san francisco
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unified school district along with dcys will be hosting our sixth annual summer resource fair. the san francisco examiner put it on again this year. we had approximately 200 summer school because of the larger venue, we will have more participants.
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we can advertise this event with our parents in this city. the parents that are listening or watching today, if you want to find out about any type of parent related services or activities, they are looking for an after-school program or an after-school program and even just ideas on the weekend. it's called . we are proud of the web site because it is run by parents and it is used by parents. i use it myself.
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for those that do not have access to the internet, please go to 311. the city of blood all of our information -- uploads all of your information to 311. diving right in, some of the programs that we have available for children and families, we have year-long child-care services for our children. and we've jointly fund all of the child-care programs with the human services agency. there are 22 child care sites with approximately 1400 slots
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available. clearly, this is not enough for all of our child care needs in the city, but it is at least something. you can go to 311 to learn more. families can learn about different subsidized child-care slots. we have another joint program for families. they are called family resource centers. we have 23 family resource centers. we have 19 centers in neighborhoods in san francisco, and four that are population based. people that [unintelligible]
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4000 young people will receive summer began programs as well as harry specialized targeted for working families.
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they have to run eight hours of programming through the day. it is a supporter of of our working families in this city. i am not sure if this is clearer on the slide, but you can see the breakdown of programs from 5-10 year-old. there is a cluster of services in the highest neighborhoods in the city. we provide opportunities for young people to join in a campaign to fight for a cause or learn about philanthropy. as well as some of our beacon programs throughout the city.
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we have main programs as well as youth works. we hope that young people will be able to apply for a summer slots in these programs. i am sure that director ginsburg will talk a little bit about it. these are programs specific to young people wanting to learn about a career in their recreation field. we have other funding where there are more year-long programs that have already joined the program and will most likely continue in those programs perhaps with intensive summer projects or a combination
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of some type of event during the summer. -- culmination of some typ eoe f event during the summer. young people, particularly disadvantaged young people that are not engaged in a simulated way when they break from school will have a decrease in academic performance once they go back to school. we want to make sure that our programs are going to provide all of that stimulation you would need in terms of keeping them academically engaged and having different opportunities for them to learn both fund things -- fun things and things that will connect when they go back to school. we are hosting a summer learning day in the city where we hope to
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ask our community-based organizations to provide -- could go to training and provide a showcase or opportunity to show how young people will be able to engage in all of these different types of services. another area we are trying to improve in terms of quality is developing quality assessment. this is the second year we are finding specific programs. we will be able to tell a different data-driven story of how the programs are performing in terms of summer services. and finally, once again, in partnership with other city departments, they will have these professional development
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days. we are asking staff to come and learn all of the skills. san francisco is lucky enough to have a grant from the usda to provide summer lunch. this is the first year they will be hosting a summer lunch program. given the change in the school district's calendar, it will run nine weeks. we are now making a nine week program.
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we are excited that we will have the opportunity to provide summer launched throughout the city. we're looking to provide summer lunch at 85 different sites throughout the city. we have served approximately 4000 lunches a day. we are looking for approximately 5000 lunches a day this year. one of the reasons we can serve more is that we are being more strategic and targeted with our outreach. we can make sure that those summer lunches are provided and the rec -- at the rec centers. another really exciting thing about the summer lunch is we have been able to augment our funding to the vendor that pro vides the summer lunches fo rus. -- for us.
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we hear from young people that they don't want to eat the summer lunches because it does not taste good. we are trying to find a vendor to provide the tasty lunches, and we were able to augment some of the cost through that foundation grant. we will unveil the applicant pretty soon. the next couple of side that will hand over to director ginsberg because he handles everything on rec and park side. supervisor cohen: we have a question, just one moment. >> hearing about the augmenting of funding to provide a tasty meals, can you give


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